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all on 4

A new smile in just one day.*

All on Four is an advanced implantology treatment that will allow us to replace all your teeth through an arch with implants. Unlike traditional techniques, the treatment is carried out in a single session thanks to the immediate loading technique, with the placement of a complete hybrid prosthesis during the day of surgery.



It is a short procedure that uses minimally invasive techniques.

It is a definitive treatment that recovers the function of your teeth in just one day.

Your teeth will have an immediate natural appearance.


How long does the surgery last?

The surgery lasts approximately 4 hours, the patient can opt for conscious sedation that will be administered by our anesthetist, specialized in dental sedation. Thanks to this, the patient will remain in a state of relaxation similar to falling asleep.



First Visit

The dentist will perform an evaluation of your mouth; take x-rays, photographs, a tomographic study and an intraoral scan to document your case.


Case Study

Next, our team of dentists specialized in implantology will meet in a clinical session to study your case, agree on a diagnosis and plan the treatment to suit you.


Surgical Guides

Through the tomography, a surgical guide is elaborated which will have the exact diameters where the implants should be placed, thus ensuring the accuracy and rapid recovery of the patient.



When the intervention date arrives and before starting, our anaesthesiologist will administer conscious sedation to help you enter a state of relaxation similar to sleep.



We will proceed to remove all of your original teeth, if there are some, and place the dental implants through the surgical guide. Next, we will fix your removable prosthesis on the implants.


Permanent Prosthesis

After 6 months of surgery, you come back to see us to take the impression and make the permanent prosthesis.

* If patient criteria are met and adequate stability achieved – all our implants can be loaded with a fixed provisional restoration on the day of surgery. 

Sedation /  We have this service available at an additional cost, in case the patient prefers it.

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